Possibly Useful Tools

Could be useful or useless

Posted by David Van Loon on December 06, 2019


I’ve found myself adding links to Pocket when I simply want to retain a link to an interesting service I may want to revisit some day. This process is less than optimal, especially since Pocket is geared toward articles and does not function well as a general-purpose bookmarking service.

I decided to curate my own list of tools that I’d like to check out or that I use at least semi-often. I could just stick the list in my OneNote for personal use, but I decided to put it here where someone else could possibly discover something new.

For each tool, I’ll give its name, a brief description, a link, and how often I use it.



Microsoft Edge

https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

Microsoft Edge has been rebuilt on the Chromium project base, and it’s fantastic. All the benefits of Chrome without the nasty Google bits. Microsoft has been able to enhance many aspects of the browser as well, including the addition of tracking prevention (content blocking) and improved accessibility.

uBlock Origin

https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

uBlock Origin is my blocker of choice. I use Microsoft Edge as my browser, which includes some level of tracking prevention built-in, but uBlock Origin adds a level of flexibility and control that I appreciate.



https://outlook.live.com πŸ’² Paid βœ… Currently use

I use Microsoft’s consumer email service, Outlook.com Premium, for my personal email. I have a personal domain connected, and I pay for the service as part of my Office 365 subscription.



https://www.colorbox.io/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

ColorBox provides controls to generate color systems. It was created by the Lyft design team.

Happy Hues

https://www.happyhues.co/ πŸ†“ Free πŸ•™ Considering

Happy Hues demonstrates curated color palettes with examples.


https://undraw.co/ πŸ†“ Free πŸ•™ Considering

unDraw provides open-source illustrations that can be customized with color themes.

Who Can Use

https://whocanuse.com/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

Check color combinations for accessibility based on contrast, including for those with color-blindness.



https://www.diagram.codes/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

Describe diagrams in plain-text format and have them converted to images. Useful for flow-charts, sequence diagrams, graphs, trees, etc.

Visual Studio Code

https://code.visualstudio.com/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

Visual Studio Code is an extensible, cross-platform code editor. I basically live in VSCode. I’m writing this in VSCode.


Music for Programming

http://musicforprogramming.net/ πŸ†“ Free βœ… Currently use

A variety of nice background music to play while programming or working on other focused tasks.


https://www.spotify.com/ πŸ’² Paid βœ… Currently use

It’s Spotify. Basically all the music you could want, on demand. Music streaming done right. I’ve also been impressed with the ubiquity of Spotify’s applications and cross-device control. I can begin playing on my PC, switch the output device to my Sonos speaker group, then pause the music from my Phone. Cool stuff.



https://anonaddy.com/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

AnonAddy is an email alias generation and management tool.


https://www.burnerapp.com/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

Burner is a second phone number for calls and texts that you can give out to keep your primary number private.


https://crypton.sh/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

Crypton is an encrypted-at-rest cloud-based SMS service.


https://idbloc.co/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

IdBloc generates email aliases on-demand for use with questionable services.


https://mysudo.com/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

MySudo is a smartphone app for creating and managing multiple identities (with unique phone numbers and email addresses). Since it’s not available for Android, I’m just watching it for now.


https://www.unlistedapp.com/ πŸ’² Paid πŸ•™ Considering

Unlisted provides additional phone numbers when you’d like to keep your actual number private.